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Out of Reach coming soon!

It has been a crazy winter and spring. I apologize to all those who have asked what’s taking so long with Alyssa and Teagan’s story. But I am excited to finally announce book 2 of my romantic suspense series, Can’t Help Falling is coming soon! Book two, OUT OF REACH, will be available on Amazon June 10th! 

Out of Reasons . . .

            Member of an elite Army Ranger squad specializing in black ops, Teagan ‘TJ’ O’Brien has traveled halfway around the world, returning home to Boston before another dangerous tour of duty. Discovering a beautiful squatter in his apartment after a sixteen hour flight is simply . . . unacceptable.  

            When Teagan breaks down the door, Alyssa Barnes’ memories come flooding back. One horrible, amazing night she’s never managed to erase– ending with Teagan’s leap from her bedroom window. Now, she’ll be forced to rely on the proven flight risk to catch the stalker who wants her out of the picture. 

             TJ’s best friend made him promise only one thing– stay away from his sister. Maintaining several continents between them has worked just fine. When their paths unexpectedly cross again, he wants to believe it’s only to keep Alyssa safe. Because hunting a stalker is easier than resisting the woman he left behind.