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Sheltering Annie

Book 4: Blueprint to Love Series

Love Under Construction . . .

            Solitary widower Henry Hank Freeman has relearned how to be alone. In a world gone colorless with grief, he views life in varying shades of gray. Until bumping into Annie McKenna, a mysterious woman walking her own lonely path. But when their paths cross, he can see only light. And a rainbow of opportunity.       

            Annie McKenna doesn’t need any distractions. Perpetually on the run from her abusive ex- husband, she has two kids to hide and protect. No job. No money. No hope. Until she meets Hank Freeman at the shelter she’s living in. For the first time in years, she’s awakened to a sharp sense of longing. For a normal life. With a man she can trust. But Hank seems too good to be true.

            Falling for Annie and her boys was the easy part. But convincing her to build a new dream with him might take longer than the addition Hank’s constructing for the shelter. And protecting them from her ex is a full-time job. Believing Henry’s beautiful blueprint will take all the faith Annie can muster. She can’t afford another mistake. Because where she’s escaped from . . . mistakes can kill.