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Out of the Ashes

Out of the Ashes

Book 4, Can't Help Falling Series

OUT OF THE ASHES, book 4 in my series, Can’t Help Falling. Available for pre-order now! 

Out of Excuses . . .

Shannon McCarty has made several mistakes in her life. But, none worse than the torture she inflicted on the man who destroyed her family. The thirst for revenge she felt as a lost, seventeen-year-old has muted as she looks back on it at thirty. Now, she wonders whether she made a broken man’s life even worse.

If there was a single moment Curtis Forsythe could take back, it would be the night of the crash. The moment before impact, before his life was forever changed. After thirteen years of isolation . . . of living with his guilt, of never allowing himself joy. Pleasure. Hope. Curt finally knows what he wants. Shannon McCarty has given him back his life. More than anything, he’d like to share it with her.  

Falling in love with her long-ago enemy was never in the plan. Now, Shannon lives in fear of discovery. What will Curtis think when he learns her true identity? When he discovers she was responsible for making the most unbearable time of his life . . . even worse. Forgiving himself has taken more than a decade. Forgiving her might take a lifetime.         

OUT OF THE ASHES is about forgiveness of past mistakes. Redemption for the pain you’ve caused others. Remaining true to your beliefs, no matter what everyone else thinks.

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